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Paul Akin


Is Paul’s Tentmaking the Model for Missionaries?

With the rising cost of sending a missionary to serve overseas, some have suggested we return to the supposedly “biblical” model of tentmaking. Based on the Apostle Paul’s example of making tents to support himself, missionaries can...

Boulos Paul & Nastassja Hanna

Paul, Nastassja, and Michael Hanna are serving with ABWE in Central Pennsylvania. Their main goals are to continue reaching the surrounding Arabic-speaking community and to train, encourage, and build bridges between American churches and neighboring et...

I’m Not a Missionary. Am I Making Excuses?

I have no regrets. Given the chance, there are plenty of things in my life I would’ve done differently. I would’ve listened more to my dad. I would’ve read more attentively in school. I would’ve gone on a short-term missions trip in...