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Some Mocked, But Some Believed: Scott Dunford on Acts 17

The Apostle Paul models missional apologetics in Acts 17. What can we learn? In this episode, Scott Dunford walks through a crucial text and draws application for cross-cultural ministry at home and abroad. This episode features a sermon originally preach...

Is Revival Biblical?

What is “revival”? Is it biblical? And if so, should we pursue it in our homes, churches, and across the globe? Scott and Alex wrestle with the timely topic in light of the recent reports from Asbury University. See full show notes…. The Missions ...

The Mission of Christmas

The birth of Christ is the exclamation point on all of Scripture’s claims regarding God’s plan for the nations. Alex Kocman and Scott Dunford reflect on the beauty of Advent and Christmas and why it matters for missions in this holiday exclusive. Th...