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Send Missionaries and Inspire Senders

As a pastor on the Arabian Peninsula, I am both a goer and a sender. I went to the United Christian Church of Dubai (UCCD) in 2005. I’ll never forget the support and love of my sending church (Capitol Hill Baptist Church)—praying and ev...

Why Teammates Matter in Missions

One of the areas of missions that gets little press but is of great importance is teammates. Good teammates are a great grace to church planting teams and are a living testimony to the unreached of what Christian fellowship looks like. Unfo...

Dal and Kay Washer: Missionary Pioneers in Africa

The year was 1972, and ABWE missionaries Dal and Kay Washer were looking for a new ministry. After 18 years of serving in Niger, the Washers had set their sights on the country of Benin. Kay later wrote that “settling down there would be ...

Why Does God Leave Us in This World?

How well do you handle trials? I mean, when things get tough, or when you start to lose control a little bit? When the kids are about to drive you nuts, or when your boss is breathing down your neck about the deadline at work? When you’ve...

A Shipwreck

When I teach my students about how to discern the fruitfulness of a ministry’s theology, I tell them to look first at their methodology. They may have a decent doctrinal statement on their website, but their methodology is the true barome...

Methodology Reveals Theology

“There are three great truths: 1st, That there is a God; 2nd, That he has spoken to us in the Bible; 3rd, That he means what he says.” (Hudson Taylor) In contemporary culinary circles, prior to the COVID-19 shutdowns, business has been ...