What does it mean that Jesus is both God and man? 

If we are going to follow Jesus, we must know him. 

Featuring Dr. Tim Bertolet, training director for ABWE, this series seeks to answer the most pressing questions about Jesus’ work and identity and how we must respond. Each session in this series explores foundational truths about Christ like how he can be both God and man, what it means to be united to Christ, and the Son’s relationship to the Father. The series details the nature of God, the incarnation, and how we can confidently go and proclaim the name of Jesus as our resurrected and exalted Savior. 

This seven-part video course is our gift to you to help equip you understand who Jesus is, give you a deeper understanding of how he impacts our lives, and grow in confidence to share these truths with others.

What you’ll get from this free course: 

  • A seven-part (less than 10 minutes each) video series that will help you deepen your faith 
  • Teaching from biblical scholar Dr. Tim Bertolet to help you better understand who Jesus is and how his divinity and humanity shapes our lives today 
  • Renewed confidence in the truths of who Jesus Christ is, answers to questions about the incarnation, and how Christians are united to Christ 
  • Discussion questions, prayers, and reflection points to share with others 

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