School Administrator

The Position

The Village of Light School for the Blind in Southern Togo urgently needs an experienced and committed school administrator, starting in 2024. We are looking for someone with good business and administrative skills, who loves children and has a passion to share Jesus with them.…

Doane Rest Assistant Manager 

The Position

Doane Rest provides an opportunity for Filipino pastors, missionaries, and other local and international Christian workers to find rest from ministry and refocus their relationship with Jesus. We also try to be an encouragement and listening ear if they need it.…

High School Teacher

The Position

Santiago Christian Academy is currently looking for a full time High School English teacher. A teaching degree is preferred. Classes include Literature and Language Arts and are taught in English using an American curriculum. Furnished apartments are available on the school campus where all of your teaching takes place.…

Lisbon Training Center Administrator

The Position

The Lisbon Training Center is looking for a new administrator who can come and help fulfill the Field Team’s vision of assisting national partners in establishing and strengthening local evangelical churches who will be able to reproduce. This position will require the daily responsibilities of maintenance, scheduling/administration, and communication with the ABWE Field Team leader and the Greater Lisbon Christian Academy administrator, as both entities exist on the same premise.…

Carpenters & Roofers

PACT Romania Ministry Center currently has 22 acres of undeveloped land. The Romania team wants to begin land development by building an electrical utility building that will be the hub for electrical distribution to future buildings on campus.

Head of School

The Position

The Head of School provides stability and overall organizational leadership and management to ensure fulfillment of the Vision and Mission of CRICS.

The Need

The mission of CRICS is to serve the servant by providing quality, innovative, affordable, family-oriented English Christian education.…