Are you equipped when trials come in life?

Sometimes we assume that by being followers of Christ, we are entitled to a life of ease. But we forget that God shapes his servants through trials.

If you’ve struggled to see the meaning behind your seasons of hardship, veteran ABWE missionary Kyle Farran has wisdom to share for you. Drawing from Scripture and personal experience in working through trials on the mission field, we’ve collected these insights into a helpful new resource titled 10 Reasons God Entrusts Us With Trials.

10 reasons god entrusts us with trials ebook

In this e-book, Kyle will help you see your trials from God’s perspective as the tools he uses to sanctify us and increase our faith.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Change your perspective on trials
  • Challenge your natural reaction to hardships
  • Trust more deeply in God’s plans
  • See God’s power at work through your trials

This practical resource from the missions field is our free gift to equip you in your walk with the Lord.

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