The Gospel Isn’t the End – It’s Only the Beginning

If you are a Christian, you know the transforming power of the gospel to redeem your soul and give new life and freedom in Christ. But does the power of the gospel stop there? What goes the gospel have to say about how we live our lives every day?  

We often think of the gospel only as good news for how to be saved—which it is. But when we limit the gospel to the moment of conversion, we miss the transforming power of the gospel for daily life—a key part of our Christian walk. 

gospel transformed life ebook

In this e-book by writer, father, and ABWE missionary to Brazil David Carrel, you will gain a deep, practical understanding the gospel’s implications for the believer—not only as good news about salvation but also empowering us to walk in love, mercy, and compassion to fellow believers in a world in need. 

This practical resource from ABWE is our free gift to equip you in your walk with the Lord. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to equip you for life on mission with insights from front-lines ministry workers across the globe.  

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