Learn how to share the gospel with confidence

Find encouragement, instruction, and inspiration for sharing the gospel in this free course!

You know it’s important to share your faith. You want to share your faith. You intend to share your faith. But something holds you back. Is it fear? Busyness? Apathy?

If you’ve ever found it difficult to talk to others about Jesus, sin, salvation, faith, and what happens after death, ABWE would like to help you. Drawing from our experience in sharing Jesus all over the world, we’ve created an insightful new video course titled How to Share the Gospel.

What you’ll get out of the course:

  • Practical tips to help you share the gospel with others in unexpected ways
  • Discussion questions to encourage eternal conversations
  • A detailed breakdown of the gospel and how it applies to our lives today
  • Prayer and reflection points to guide your prayer life to be gospel minded

How to Share the Gospel is our free gift to you! Get access to the video course now!