Unlock Your God-Given Potential: Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

Find encouragement, instruction, and inspiration for knowing and using your spiritual gifts in this free course!

Are you struggling to find your place in God’s grand design? Do you wonder how you can serve the church and fulfill your God-given calling? You’re not alone—and we have the answers you’ve been seeking. 

Introducing “Your Place In The Body: Finding and Using Your Spiritual Gifts,” a life-changing video series by Timothy Bertolet, Ph.D., director of training with ABWE—an organization that has trained and sent more than 1,000 missionaries to every corner of the world. 

Drawing from years of global missions experience, this series offers practical insights that can be applied directly to your life.

spiritual gifts video course

From this 4-part video course you’ll get:

  • Practical tips to help you discover your spiritual gifts
  • Biblically-based teaching on why your gifts matter and can be used
  • Additional resources, articles, and videos to take your knowledge to the next level
  • Prayer and reflection points to guide your prayer life to be gospel minded

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