When life gets hard, we have hope.

At some point in our lives, we will all be wounded. One of the most important life lessons everyone must learn is how to respond correctly when you have been wronged.  

How do you respond? In frustration or anger? Grumbling, complaining, or getting even? How do we rebuild from here? James 5 is a passage to which you can turn to when you are working through this kind of hardship and betrayal. 

ABWE President, Paul Davis, unfolds Scripture to gain insights from this critical passage into a new resource titled Working Through Hardship and Betrayal: A Reminder from James 5

working through hardship ebook

In this e-book, you will gain a deeper understanding of how patience and steadfastness keep your eyes on Jesus amid life’s toughest moments. 

This practical resource from ABWE is our free gift to equip you in your walk with the Lord. It’s part of our ongoing mission to bring you insights for Christian living drawn from the experiences of front-lines ministry workers and missionaries across the globe. 

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