ABWE + The Go Fund

As a preferred partner of The Go Fund, our qualified, long-term missionaries can have their student debt paid off over their first 10 years of service. It is simple: once you arrive in your mission field, The Go Fund begins making regular payments on your loan, with the goal of making the last payment as you end your tenth year of service.

Through our partnership with The Go Fund, ABWE’s qualified missionaries are pre-approved for The Go Fund’s Student Debt Repayment Program.


  • Approved to be sent by ABWE
  • Move to your mission field within 24 months of application with ABWE


  • Mission field must be among an unreached people group
  • Length of service will be long-term
  • Be sponsored and sent by a Local Church
  • You must be involved in church-planting


  • MUST be a US citizen
  • MUST have a bachelor’s degree
  • Student Loans MUST be in your name
  • Student Loans MUST be greater than $20,000 and less than $100,000

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