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Get Equipped for Mission

These resource offers are part of our ongoing mission to bring you insights for Christian living drawn from the experiences of front-lines ministry workers and missionaries across the globe. 

10 Reasons God Entrusts Us With Trials

Sometimes we assume that by being followers of Christ, we are entitled to a life of ease. But we forget that God shapes his servants through trials.

In this e-book, Kyle Farran will help you see your trials from God’s perspective as the tools he uses to sanctify us and increase our faith.

Working Through Hardship and Betrayal

At some point in our lives, we will all be wounded. One of the most important life lessons everyone must learn is how to respond correctly when you have been wronged. How do you respond?

ABWE President, Paul Davis, unfolds Scripture to gain insights from James 5 into a new resource titled Working Through Hardship and Betrayal: A Reminder from James 5

Knowing the Lord

In times of anxiety, the Lord is our peace. In times of confusion, he is truth. In times of danger, he is our shelter. In times of loneliness, he is always present. 

ABWE has developed a brand-new e-book to focus our devotion on God’s character called “Knowing the Lord: 30 Devotionals on the Character of God”, written by Dr. Timothy Bertolet.

How to Pray

In the book of Ephesians, Paul tells us that the Christian life is a battleground, and describes the spiritual armor needed to stand firm in the war that is being waged. How can we win the spiritual battle? With a strategy focused on prayer. 

ABWE has created a brand-new e-book called How to Pray, outlining the aspects and components of prayer outlined in Ephesians 6:18.

How to Share the Gospel

You know it’s important to share your faith. You want to share your faith. You intend to share your faith. But something holds you back. Is it fear? Busyness? Apathy?

Full of insightful information, practical activities, prayer and reflection points, and a detailed breakdown of what the gospel is, this e-book, by Dr. Timothy Bertolet, has all you need to feel equipped and empowered to engage others about your faith.

How to Share the Gospel (Video Series)

If you’ve ever found it difficult to talk to others about Jesus, sin, salvation, faith, and what happens after death, ABWE would like to help you. Drawing from our experience in sharing Jesus all over the world, we’ve created a helpful new video course simply titled How to Share the Gospel.

Unlock Your God-Given Potential: Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

Find encouragement, instruction, and inspiration for knowing and using your spiritual gifts in this free course which offers:

  • Practical tips to help you discover your spiritual gifts
  • Biblically-based teaching on why your gifts matter and can be used
  • Additional resources, articles, and videos to take your knowledge to the next level
  • Prayer and reflection points to guide your prayer life to be gospel minded
2022 SendOne Devotional Resource booklet

SendOne Devotional

Seven thousand people groups haven’t heard of Jesus. That’s over 3 billion people. But if just 10% of US evangelical churches sent one missionary, they could engage every people group. Start the conversation with your church about missions and equip your congregation to send with our SendOne Devotional and Resource Guide.