Giving FAQs

General Giving FAQs

1. How do I receive a 2023 tax deduction?

2. How can I access my end-of-year giving summary information?

3. What methods of giving does ABWE accept?

4. How do I give online?

5. Does ABWE offer refunds?

6. How long will it take for my donation to be processed?

7. Is my information secure?

8. What do you do with my personal information?

9. Who do I contact if I need assistance making an online donation?

10. How much of the money that I send actually goes to the missionary?

11. What is the purpose of a support commitment?

12. How can I donate using Canadian funds?

Taxes and Receipting FAQs

1. Are contributions to ABWE tax deductible?

2. What is the EIN for ABWE?

3. What can I expect to receive after sending a donation to ABWE?

4. How can I request a duplicate receipt?

5. How can I change my receipt preference?

6. Does ABWE file a Form 990 with the IRS and how can I get a copy?

7. What happens to donations preferenced for the ministry of a specified missionary if they leave ABWE?

8. What happens to donations preferenced for a project that is overfunded or underfunded?

Legacy Giving FAQs

1. What is Legacy Giving?

2. Can I give non-cash gifts?

3. How do I include a missions gift in my will?

4. How do I give securities?

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