Missionary Portal

Tools & Training for ABWE Missionaries

Missionary Resources

Missionary Training & Events

Learn about and register for training events specifically required or only available to ABWE missionaries. Learn about how you can earn academic credit.

Marketing Resources & Memberships

Access tips for ministry communication, free tools, downloadable logos and video resources, marketing materials, and ministry memberships available to you.

Member Care

Learn more about the extensive spiritual and mental care available at all points during ministry, from prefield to retirement.

Prefield Development Program

Access information about your assignments and training requirements for prefield.

Good Soil Training Materials and Resources

Order or download Good Soil’s dynamic evangelism and discipleship materials and resources.

Quick Tasks

Submit An Opportunity or Field Team Need

If you have a position you need filled or if you’re looking for a person with a specific passion, fill out this form and we will add your need to our website.

Submit an Article or Story

Have an article, blog post, or story that you think would be perfect for Message magazine, ABWE’s social media followers, or our blog? Click here to submit content to our editorial team.

Update Your Personal or Ministry Giving Pages

Help improve your donors’ giving experience by updating you and your ministries’ giving pages for our ABWE giving directory.

Register Volunteers for Your Field

Utilize Launch Point resources to get volunteers registered, cleared, trained and ready to minister on your field.

Adult MK Service Requirements

Find out if your child(ren) need to complete any service requirements, upon turning 18.

Submit a Communications Project Request

Need a video, brochure, graphic, or something else to tell your story? Our team can help.