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Message Magazine 2024

Post-Christian? Missions in the Shadow of Christendom

2024 – Vol 72, Issue 2

The light of Christ still transforms lives, even in places where the gospel once shone far more brightly. Explore the unique challenges and triumphs of missionaries in the post-Christian West as they share the light from bustling urban centers to remote villages.

Transformed: Accounts of Lives Changed Across the Globe

2024 – Vol 72, Issue 1

God is at work saving lost sinners from among all the nations—rescuing them from sin, darkness, and superstition. Witness firsthand the transformative effects of faithful gospel ministry at the hands of ABWE workers sent out by the body of Christ.

Message Magazine 2023

The Missions Continues

2023 – Vol 71, Issue 3

Across the world, Christ’s mission continues, as church plants thrive in Latin America, the lost come to faith in Islamic lands, and a whole crop of new missionaries are commissioned out into the harvest among the nations.

‘Come and Help Us’

2023 – Vol 71, Issue 2

Fields are fertile for gospel witness. In this issue, discover how missionaries are creatively meeting deep physical and spiritual needs around the globe—and hear their call for fellow believers to join the harvest.

‘I Will Build My Church’

2023 – Vol 71, Issue 1

Christ is advancing his church throughout the globe. In this ecclesiology issue, see how local churches boldly and compassionately fulfill their mission, in unreached tribal villages and the post-Christian West.

Message Magazine 2022

Hardship & Harvest: New Missionaries in a Changing World

2022 – Vol 70, Issue 2

The gospel is transforming lives, even in the darkest regions on earth. In this issue, discover stories of faithful believers from Afghanistan, Ukraine, and across the world—and hear from our newest missionaries.

Ukraine Through Missionary Eyes

2022 – Vol 70, Issue 1

Even in the chaos of this world, the gospel will prevail. In this issue, see how ABWE missionaries are being faithful—and fruitful—amid crisis, loss, and war.

Wonderfully Made

2022 – Vol 70, Special Report

As Christians, we often focus on what we can do for the pro-life movement in the US. But what about the at-risk mothers and unborn around the world? In this issue, read about four brave women who received healing and redemption through ABWE pregnancy centers.

Message Magazine 2021

Sent: Introducing Our Newest Missionaries

2021 – Vol 69, Issue 2

While the world has felt chaotic and disjointed, the Lord has been at work. In this issue, read the stories of over 25 newly appointed missionaries and discover a heart of the lost and the unreached.

One Body

2021 – Vol 69, Issue 1

The Body of Christ is designed to work and function as a team, especially in missions. In this issue, discover how our teams are healing a nation through a variety of ministries like Hôpital Baptiste Biblique, which has been serving the Togolese for nearly 40 years.

Message Magazine 2020

2020 Candidate Issue

2020 – Vol 68, Issue 3

Meet the next class of missionaries going to the field. Also, read the journey of one national who once hated Christians and now leads a sweeping church movement in Peru.

Christ in the Crisis

2020 – Vol 68, Issue 2

As the world plunges into a global pandemic, it’s an opportune time to reflect on God’s sovereignty and omnipotence. In this issue, explore how God was present during some of ABWE’s most turbulent storms, working all things out for our good and his glory.

All Things to All Men

2020 – Vol 68, Issue 1

The Great Commission is too big of a task to accomplish alone. In this issue, discover the different ministry ways ABWE is reaching the nations.

Message Magazine 2019

To the Ends of the Earth

2019 – Vol 67, Issue 3

In this issue, meet the wave of new missionaries who have answered the call to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. Also, learn how the our missionaries showed eternally impacted a young boy, a refugee, and a prisoner.


2019 – Vol 67, Issue 2

Missions isn’t easy. And it’s especially difficult in places hostile toward Christianity. As a result, some of our missionaries must come up with creative ways to share the gospel in dangerous contexts.

Building a Legacy

2019 – Vol 67, Issue 1

ABWE’s Project Office has been serving the mission for 25 years, organizing and conducting construction projects around the world. Take a closer look at some of its current and past projects. Also, discover what the team is doing while awaiting renovation at ABWE’s Memorial Christian Hospital.

Message Magazine 2018

2018 New Missionaries

2018 – Volume 66, Issue 3

In this issue, discover how the Global Gospel Fund is launching missionaries and missions movements around the world. Also, learn more about the latest class of ABWE missionaries who have answered the call to go.

Women in Missions

2018 – Volume 66, Issue 2

From Lucy Peabody founding ABWE in 1927, to entire mission fields staffed solely by faithful, long-term, female missionaries, ABWE is well-served by hundreds of prayerful, passionate women who minister as doctors, teachers, evangelists, nurses, mobilizers, accountants, administrators, and in many other roles around the world. Also read how God used loss and grief to strengthen a family’s faith.

Save Me

2018 – Volume 66, Issue 1

The church is called to reach the nations, but believers must be equipped to take on this task. Good Soil is a ministry that trains church leaders and members to evangelize biblically and effectively. Also, read how our hospital is offering physical and spiritual healing to persecuted refugees.

Message Magazine 2017

2017 New Missionaries

2017 – Volume 65, Issue 2

This volume is dedicated to our newest appointees. We are honored to partner with these missionaries, and we are committed to serving and praying for them.

Set Free

2017 – Volume 65, Issue 1

This issue highlights the suffering of many women in Asia who have been enslaved through human and sex trafficking. Yet, like the Israelites, God continues to hear the cries of His people, and makes a way where, by human understanding, there is no way.

Message Magazine 2016

2016 New Missionaries

2016 – Volume 64, Issue 3

In this issue, we celebrate ordinary men and women of faith take the extraordinary step of surrendering their lives to God’s call to missions.

Game Changer

2016 – Volume 64, Issue 2

See how ABWE Missionary David Carrel is using an American sport to reach the people of northeast Brazil. Also read how refugee crises provide profound inroads for the gospel.


2016 – Volume 64, Issue 1

Across the globe, people with disabilities face increased levels of discrimination and decreased levels of education and employment, but our missionaries have seized this as an opportunity to share Christ’s love. From a ministry to disabled refugees who have fled the war in eastern Ukraine to a school for disabled children in South Africa, God is revealing His love in amazingly beautiful ways.

Message Magazine 2015

Catching The Vision

2015 – Volume 63, Issue 4

At ABWE, we talk a lot about starting “missions movements.” It’s a big idea but it’s actually quite simple; we want to empower believers around the world to pick up the torch of missions and join us in crossing cultures to share the good news of Jesus Christ with others. We do this by planting missions-minded churches, training leaders, and inspiring them to go out and do the same. This Christmas issue highlights the journey of a new missions movements that is coming out of Brazil after more than 60 years of ABWE’s missionaries working to equip and empower local believers.

2015 Candidate Issue

2015 – Volume 63, Issue 3

This issue of Message celebrates ABWE’s 48 new missionaries appointed in 2015. Each one has their own unique story that led them to pursuing the mission field — from a FedEx man to a childhood prayer — and together, they will be helping to bring the gospel to more than 17 countries around the world. We hope you will be inspired by these stories of ordinary people who have yielded to God’s call to do something extraordinary.

The Doctor Is In

2015 – Volume 63, Issue 2

Eleven years ago, ABWE’s Togo team felt called to bring a high-quality, gospel-centered hospital to the northern part of the country, but all they had was a plot of dusty land and faith. That was all they needed. God motivated 1,400 people to give $6 million during one of the United States’ deepest recessions. He also brought more than 550 Americans halfway around the world to labor alongside the Togolese, and together, they transformed a barren field into a modern medical facility. This issue celebrates the grand opening the Hospital of Hope in Mango, Togo and the many ways God uses ordinary people to do miraculous things in order to make the impossible, possible.

Missions on the Frontline

2015 – Volume 63, Issue 1

This issue looks at the tense conflict occurring between Ukraine and pro-Russian forces and how God is using the war to open hearts to His love. Through the aid of ABWE’s Ukraine Crisis Fund, ABWE missionaries and partnering churches are ministering to the needs of those trapped in the conflict zone, as well as refugee families and orphans who have fled the region.

Message Magazine 2014

from who to Who

2014 – Volume 62, Issue 4

In Papua New Guinea, many people believe the spirits of their ancestors control the world and must be appeased through dark and violent rituals. But in the face of this darkness, God is calling the people of Papua New Guinea to Himself. This issue looks at the complex dynamic of sharing the gospel in this diverse island nation and the amazing impact of the Goroka Baptist Bible College and its 400 graduates who are sharing the hope of Jesus Christ throughout the country.

2014 Candidate Issue

2014 – Volume 62, Issue 3

This issue of Message celebrates ABWE’s 38 new missionaries. Each one has their own unique story and journey to missions. Some are fresh out of college or newly married, while others are leaving successful careers or are recent empty-nesters starting a second career. Despite their differences, they all have one thing in common: they are each giving up a lot to bring the gospel to the nations. Please read the inspiring stories of people who have yielded to God’s call in their lives.

Convicted. Evicted. Redeemed.

2014 – Volume 62, Issue 2

Cities around the world are growing and changing every day. And with them, our idea of the mission field is also changing to meet that rising need. This issue looks at a unique ministry that reaches former gang members in Cambodia’s largest city and a missions revolution in a small and struggling city in Pennsylvania.

Picking Up The Pieces

2014 – Volume 62, Issue 1

Amid the chaos and heartache caused by Syria’s devastating civil war and in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan’s destruction in the Philippines, ABWE is opening doors for the gospel by sharing Christ’s love in tangible ways. Lives are being changed, proving that when compassion is rooted in the gospel, it helps the gospel take root.

Message Magazine 2013

The Ripple Effect

2013 – Volume 61, Issue 4

Over the last 86 years, ABWE has been encouraged to see the way our work has rippled out beyond the leadership of North American missionaries. Around the world, ABWE missionaries disciple national believers, pass them the torch, and watch them take God’s word to new places to replicate the process. The growing impact is remarkable, and we wanted to share some of their stories with you. We hope this issue will inspire, encourage, and remind you of God’s faithfulness.

Walking by Faith

2013 – Volume 61, Issue 3

From ABWE’s newest missionaries to missionaries who have faithfully served for more than 35 years, this issue celebrates the continuum of missions. Read the inspiring stories of people who have yielded to God’s call and are truly walking by faith and not by sight.

When the Kingdom of God Needs a New Roof

2013 – Volume 61, Issue 2

Working on more than 70 projects in 23 countries, the project office is just one of many ways people with specific gifts and talents — outside of those considered to be traditional ministries — can serve with ABWE. This issue of Message gives an overview of some of the major building projects underway around the world and the impact they will have for future ministry. From hospitals in Africa, to plane hangars in the Amazon jungle, to schools in war-torn regions, our project office stays busy helping missionaries — so that their ministries can continue to thrive and grow.

A New Reformation

2013 – Volume 61, Issue 1

ABWE missionary Michael Landoll hopes to challenge the rising post-Christian atmosphere in Germany. You’ll also learn about Freeset, an ABWE partner that is helping women leave the sex slave trade in Kolkata, India.

Message Magazine 2012

Saving Central Asia

2012 – Volume 60, Issue 3

Read how a college in Moldova trains pastors to spread the gospel to Muslims. Also in this issue, how The Roots of Faith curriculum’s interactive approach helps Christians study Scripture and how a benefactress’s heart for missions sustained ABWE in early years.

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