Medical Missions Trips

Medical mission trips offer a rare opportunity to make a profound and lasting impact on the lives of those in need. We design our trips to provide quality medical care to those in need and to share the love of Christ with those we serve. We offer trips to fit a variety of availability depending on locations served and the length of time spent in the field. Take time to search through the locations and terms we provide to something that fits your schedule, talents, and interests. If you’re interested in using the gifts God gave you to make a difference in the lives of others, contact ABWE LaunchPoint today! We’d love to help you gain footing and get started on your medical mission journey.


Medical mission trips provide you with the perfect chance to support a medical project abroad for those feeling God’s calling to serve and support struggling communities. Medical mission trips take place at hospitals, clinics, or doctor’s offices in developing countries. For students who want to gain international work experience on short-term medical mission trips, the projects our ministry involves come with more than enough practical application and chances to serve than you’ll be able to accomplish alone!

Medical mission trips create short-term shadowing opportunities, ideal for students and practitioners alike. Our diverse group includes people from all levels in medicine; including doctors who have just started their career as well as seasoned veterans eager to give back by helping others achieve better health outcomes both abroad and at home.


Medical mission trips improve access to care for patients. In many developing countries, doctors and nurses find themselves stretched thin when trying to meet the needs of the population. As a result, many people go without any medical care at all. Medical mission trips help to fill this gap by bringing much-needed medical personnel and supplies to these underserved communities.

In addition, medical mission trips often provide care beyond just treating illness and injury. Missionaries often provide preventative care, health education, and vaccinations, but they also bring God’s hope and joy to people struggling to find purpose and help during dark and harrowing times. Both services help to reduce the overall burden of disease in these communities and improve the long-term health of the population since God works in those who listen.


  1. The Opportunity To Practice Your Craft And Learn From Experts – Missionaries in this field get the opportunity to shadow medical professionals, dispense medication, and provide other medical care. Learning from those with expertise can advance career opportunities and give practitioners the hands-on experience most applicants need to further their careers.
  2. Advance Your Professional Career – Working with patients at their most vulnerable and learning how to engage people from other locations and cultures helps you become a better practitioner. No matter what field you practice in, having the ability to empathize with and understand people from different backgrounds equips you to better serve communities in need.
  3. Provide You With A Competitive Edge – Mission trips give you a competitive edge by providing you with opportunities to learn new skills, work in diverse teams, and become more culturally aware. Not everyone gets these unique opportunities, which helps you stand out while also serving the Lord in the work he asks of his followers worldwide.
  4. Build A Network of Other Professionals – You’ll work alongside other professionals to provide medical care to those who need it the most. These people will uplift you, challenge you, and sometimes become lifelong friends. You won’t forget the experience, and neither will the people you help.
  5. Utilize Your Skills To Address Pressing Needs – Mission trips present medical professionals with unique opportunities to use their skills and talents to help people beyond their physical ailments. Mission trip participants often develop strong relationships with the people they serve, who often need hope as much as physical help. These relationships can last long after the mission trip has ended, and provide both support and joy to people in need of God and the salvation he brings.


Mission trips can be tailored to the needs of the community, but there are some common expectations that participants should have:

  1. First and foremost, expect to be immersed in the culture of the country you are visiting. This means that you will likely be living in close quarters with your fellow volunteers, and that you will need to be respectful of local customs and beliefs.
  2. You will likely have limited access to modern medical facilities and resources. Train your body and mind before going to make sure you’re ready for the tasks at hand. Prepare to work long hours in challenging conditions.
  3. Finally, look to form lasting bonds with those you meet on the trip. The shared experience of volunteering in a foreign country stays with you for the rest of your life, and the practitioners and patients both appreciate those who step up.


Medical mission trips popularity continually grows. As the world grows, more and more people look for ways to give back. Purposes and expectations within medical mission trips can vary greatly. Destinations, based on need, typically prioritize the most remote and underserved areas where there is little or no modern medical infrastructure. Medical teams often rely on their own supplies and skills to provide care.

In other cases, medical mission trips take place in more developed countries, where there is already a basic level of medical care. However, these countries may still lack certain resources, such as specialized equipment or medications. As a result, medical mission trips range from fairly straightforward daily care to challenging and unique circumstances, depending on the destination.


Create connections with people and cultures in unique and authentic ways! You’ll see the world in a whole new light and leave behind a lasting impact on the communities you serve.

When you go on a mission trip with LaunchPoint, not only are you making a difference in the world, but you’re also building lifelong friendships and discovering the inner potential God calls you to pursue. As Christians, we believe that when we serve others, we all benefit. Join us on this journey of service and see for yourself how life-changing it can be.

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