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Serve in Place: Missions in a Pandemic

Global travel restrictions are in place. Hordes of healthy people throughout the U.S. and abroad can’t even get to their local church service in-person—much less to the mission field. Should we temporarily shift our focus away from global missions duri...

How ABWE Is Responding to COVID-19

ABWE continues to monitor the outbreak and spread of COVID-19 (2019 coronavirus disease) around the globe, as well as plan for the potential impact to our ministries and missionaries. ABWE is asking missionaries in affected countries to follow basic preca...

Is All Theology Cultural?

Biblical authority is under attack. A missionary’s job is partly to make the transcendents truths of God’s word understandable within human language, context, and culture. But is it possible to know God’s objective truth, or are we always “stuck”...

What Current Events in Hong Kong Mean for Christians

Between 1-2 million people have been taking to the streets in Hong Kong—even singing Christian hymns in their rallies. What can believers learn from this complex situation? In this special episode, Alex Kocman and Scott Dunford—a former missionary i...

Race, Evolution, and Missions

If missionaries are to carry the gospel across cultural and national lines, it’s critical that they have a thoroughly biblical theology of race and ethnicity. And while much of modern progressive, secular culture repudiates anything remotely “racist,...