Saving Abdul

As a teenager in a refugee camp, Abdul lived in a world of uncertainty. But the words he heard from the staff spoke a different truth to his heart.

One day Abdul was talking with a member of our team. Suddenly, God opened his eyes and he asked excitedly, “tell me about Jesus.” In the subsequent weeks, it was like a someone had flipped a switch. He began to smile, he started to eat, he started to work at regaining strength, and he devoured every story anyone could tell him about his Savior.

Abdul was eventually discharged and returned home, but he reappeared at the clinic a few weeks later, hardly recognizable to the staff. “God is good,” Abdul said with a smile that betrayed the joy in his heart. “All the time,” they responded.

Abdul is illiterate and being caught with biblical literature could endanger his life. Instead, staff members bought him a phone with passages of scripture and biblical teaching that he could hear in his own language.

Now back in the refugee camps, Abdul is sharing his newfound joy with his family and friends. Even in the midst of uncertainty, Abdul knows that there is one truth that will forever remain: God is good, all the time.

*Names changed for security

Each missionary team member who serves with ABWE is uniquely crafted and designed by God, equipped with a specific set of skills, personalities, and talents that address needs that only they can fill.

Although church planting is the ultimate goal in many of the communities around the world where our missionaries live, their job begins with building relationships. Like the nurses who sang over Abdul’s bedside as he wanted to give up on life, our missionaries are the hands and feet of God’s work in countries that cannot be named.

It is our job to assist and empower them in this endeavor as they fulfill the Great Commission. This requires us to provide them with the practical support they need to form the relationships that are the basis of our ministry.

ABWE’s Global Gospel Fund provides critical support to missionaries during every step of their journey, to mobilize and encourage them as they relocate overseas, to support them as they seek to build strategic partnerships with local churches and organizations and to protect and guide them as they navigate legal and financial issues.

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