The Position

Our team in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) needs a church planter to help establish a foundation of worship in a community that is spiritual in nature but worldly in practice. This challenging yet rewarding mission will forever change the lives of T&T nationals, but you’ll also discover that church planting is one of the most exciting jobs in missions. Are you ready to walk the path that God has called you to?

As a church planter, you will:

  • Develop authentic, meaningful relationships in the community so that T&T’s men and women understand what it takes to be real stewards of God’s Word
  • Work with your ABWE teammates to build a community of committed Christians through activities such as Bible study, family programs, sports ministry and other common interests
  • Demonstrate an outstanding grasp of Scripture, and be able to answer difficult questions while encouraging open discussions about faith
  • Bring patience, passion and authenticity to our church planting efforts, and be willing to share your testimony with others
  • Have a love for people and a heart for missions work, and live a lifestyle that reflects the beliefs and practices of a follower of Jesus

The Need

Helping in what God is doing in Trinidad and Tobago doesn’t mean you need to be perfect. You simply need to be focused on others. Everywhere you turn in T&T, you’ll find the worldly temptations that lead His followers astray. Substance abuse, unstable families and a high crime rate have become social norms. With ABWE, you can help create an environment where spirituality occurs not only in thought but also in practice. By reaching younger nationals, we can help people make God-honoring choices and live lives worthy of Him.

The Impact

As a church planter, one of the most spiritually enriching roles in all of missions work, you’ll have an important opportunity to forever influence the spiritual lives of generations of nationals. You’ll welcome new believers with an open heart and help them establish the foundations of a church that can help families avoid drugs and alcohol, a life of crime and family instability. One church at a time, you can accomplish something real in T&T — will you join us?


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