Drug and Alcohol Rehab Counselors


The Position

Did you know that the Eurasian people suffer from substance abuse at rates much higher than most other places in the world? Our Eurasia team desperately needs drug and alcohol counselors who can help those in the grip of substance abuse, and help them find the higher power that will lead them to spiritual satisfaction and eternal salvation. If you are a committed Christian who has professional experience in substance abuse rehabilitation, we need your help.

As a drug and alcohol counselor, you will:

  • Provide individuals and their family members with the practical support they need during recovery
  • Be a source of inspiration as you share your personal testimony, including any personal experience you have abusing alcohol or drugs, and how you recovered
  • Share Scripture, and help recovering individuals find peace through a relationship with Jesus Christ as their personal Savior
  • Live a sober, hopeful, and authentically Christian lifestyle as you work to defeat the forces of skepticism, materialism, depression and instability
  • Bring a heart for missions work, a love for people and the practical experience necessary to minister to a select group of nonbelievers who desperately need God

The Need

There is a tremendous need across Eurasia for spiritual and practical leadership. Decades of unrest and economic instability, skepticism and atheism, and substance abuse have taken their toll. ABWE and our national churches in Eurasia desperately need you to help us share the gospel and help people discover the hope that is available through Jesus Christ. As a missionary in Eurasia, you will have the opportunity to free people from spiritual darkness.

The Impact

As an experienced drug and alcohol rehab counselor, you are already aware how much impact you can have on a recovering individual’s life. Now imagine putting your God-given talents and skills to work in a land ravaged by substance abuse. ABWE desperately needs trained individuals who can provide believers and nonbelievers with the hope and healing available through Jesus Christ. If you feel God calling you to share your experience and passion on the mission field, please prayerfully consider joining our team in Eurasia.


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