English Club Leaders


The Position

If you are passionate about the teachings of Christ and wish to use your excellent English communication skills to help plant the seeds of a new church, ABWE and the people of Bulgaria need your help. As an English Club leader in Bulgaria, you can enrich your local community with knowledge and spread the Word of God. You’ll develop important relationships in this fun and rewarding role, learn about Bulgarian culture and start deep conversations about the meaning of faith.

As an English Club leader, you will:

  • Use your excellent language skills to facilitate English speaking and writing in the Bulgarian community
  • Develop relationships with club members that will guide them toward greater spiritual depth
  • Bring passion and energy to the evangelization mission by nurturing club members’ relationships with Jesus Christ
  • Help ABWE missionaries plant the seeds for a spiritual revival through community involvement and participation in small groups and one-on-one interactions
  • Use natural ability to inspire enthusiasm among club and community members to serve Christ

The Need

Bulgarian Orthodox comprises the vast majority of the ethnic Bulgarian population. Of the 7.5 million residents, the largest minority groups are the Turks — who are almost exclusively Muslim — and Roma. Less than 2 percent of the population are evangelical Christian, and many of their churches have no pastors or are led by men with little or no theological training. In addition, although members of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church consider themselves Christian because they were baptized, they do not have a personal relationship with Jesus. Our purpose is to provide the existing evangelical churches with training and leadership, as well as expand the spiritual community with servant-leaders who will share Christ’s love.

The Impact

ABWE established operations in Bulgaria in February 2014 and launched a Christian bookstore where we facilitate conversations with members of the community. A small group of believers meet in Veliko Tarnovo, where our leaders and community members work to share our message with Bulgarians who have lost hope or rely on misplaced faith. The need in Bulgaria is great — and you can help.

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