The Position

Bring your exceptional speaking, writing and teaching skills to the ABWE team in the Czech Republic, where there is a tremendous unmet need for English-as-a-second-language (ESL) teachers for kids and adults. This positive, welcoming program needs high-energy ESL teachers who can create a warm and enthusiastic atmosphere in a high-quality learning environment.

As an ESL teacher, you will:

  • Provide quality education to your students and families
  • Share a new Bible story each week that explains the gospel, from Genesis to Revelation
  • Bring energy, heart and passion to your role and live an authentically Christian lifestyle
  • Invite ESL students to participate in other ministry activities, like our Easter egg hunt, Christmas party, harvest carnival, family Bible hour and summer camps
  • Provide support to ABWE team members and share the gospel with members of the Czech community

The Need

The Czech Republic is statistically the most atheistic nation in the world today. About 84 percent of people deny the existence of God and fewer than 1 percent are Christian. Despite this, ABWE has found the Czech people to be remarkably open to discussing faith and spirituality. If you are a believer who wants to bring light to a community who is largely lost and faithless, join our team.

The Impact

ABWE’s Czech Republic ministry is one of our most successful. The process is slow and difficult, yet the result of our labor is joy! In addition to providing English classes for adults and children, ABWE also provides support to existing churches in the Czech community through community outreach and instruction.

Join ABWE in the Czech Republic and help answer the fundamental question that so many Czech’s are asking, “who is this God that I don’t believe in?” as you discuss and ponder issues of faith and spirituality.

Ministry Focuses

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