Evangelism and Discipleship Teammates

Mediterranean & Middle East

The Position

At ABWE, our passion for the truth of the gospel and our love for Jesus Christ are at the heart of everything we do. We are called to join in the Great Commission and share the good news of Jesus Christ . If you feel God calling you to work in one of the holiest lands in the world and you are ready for a challenge, join ABWE in the Middle East.

The Evangelism and Discipleship team:

  • Shares the truth of the gospel fearlessly
  • Demonstrates an outstanding grasp of Scripture, and answers difficult questions about faith and differences in belief systems
  • Lives in peace among community members and provides patient and practical assistance to those who desperately need God’s help
  • Demonstrates adaptability alongside essential practical skills in business or entrepreneurship
  • Is willing to learn a challenging new language to engender trust and more effectively share God’s Word

The Need

Many Muslims misunderstand the message of Christianity and have had few opportunities to hear the true Word of God. Continued unrest have forced many to leave their homes, but God is using these hardships to open new doors for the gospel. Our missionaries have been given an important opportunity to share God’s love in the Middle East where 98 percent of the population is Muslim. There is a tremendous need for compassion, counseling, and practical skills in order to reach the hearts of people in the Middle East with the hope of Jesus Christ.

The Impact

As an evangelism and discipleship teammate in the Middle East, you’ll get to creatively and practically share the love of Jesus Christ in a Muslim-majority area of the word. In the schools and churches, at the markets and in your home, you’ll welcome others with love while providing support for your teammates. Who knows how many lives you can influence by sharing Christ’s message of forgiveness? Please prayerfully consider joining our Middle East team.

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