Evangelism Teammate

The Gambia

The Position

Do you love developing new relationships and sharing the gospel? Come join our Gambian field team in the Great Commission and share the good news. Your passion for the truth of the gospel and your love for Jesus Christ is greatly needed here in The Gambia. Join us in intentionally and strategically investing in the core ministry of the Great Commission by developing meaningful relationships in the community. Bringing your infectious passion for evangelism to The Gambia, you can provide patient and practical assistance to those who desperately need God’s love.

The Need

With over 90% of the Gambian people being Muslim and less than one percent of them being evangelical believers, there is a great need for evangelists. While English is the official national language of the Gambia, a willingness to learn their language and culture is necessary to minister to their spiritual needs. Although there are challenging barriers to missions in the Gambia, the rewards are great. Gambians request information about the Bible’s teachings, which we can provide in Wolof and Fulani, but we need workers like you, not only to be their point of contact but also to spread the word about these available resources. God has opened the door for missionaries to serve in the Gambia, but we need more laborers. Will you join our team and help us share the gospel with a nation hungry for the truth?

The Impact

You will play a vital role in spreading the gospel to people who would have never otherwise heard of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Coming to The Gambia with your knowledge and skills, you will be in a unique position to develop meaningful relationships. We need evangelists like you so that we can respond to The Gambia’s growing hunger for the truth. Our vision is to have missionaries strategically located in every region throughout the country. With your skills, you will get to evangelize, disciple, and prepare new believers in The Gambia to help fulfill the Great Commission.

Ministry Focuses

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