Evangelism Teammates


The Position

If you wake up every morning filled with the spirit of God’s love and feel Him calling you to a life of service, we desperately needs your help in Eurasia. Our team helps national churches build their communities through creative, powerful ministries that serve the practical and spiritual needs of Eurasia’s people. Won’t you join us?

As an evangelism teammate, you will:

  • Share your testimony with others who may have lost their faith after decades of unrest, economic instability, materialism and dependencies.
  • Develop authentic, meaningful relationships in the community you serve, and encourage the discussions of faith that lead to believing.
  • Support your ABWE teammates across diverse ministries that serve practical and spiritual needs.
  • Bring passion and energy to God’s mission every day, and the ability to discuss Scripture with confidence.
  • Live an authentically Christian lifestyle while maintaining a positive, can-do attitude.

The Need

There is a tremendous need across Eurasia for spiritual and practical leadership. The Eurasian people desperately need the light of the Lord’s truth to guide them to eternity. Decades of unrest and economic instability, skepticism and atheism, and substance abuse have taken their toll. ABWE and our national churches in Eurasia desperately need you to help us share the gospel and help people discover the hope that is available through Jesus Christ. As a missionary in Eurasia, you will have the opportunity to free people from spiritual darkness and lead them towards God’s light.

The Impact

If you feel God calling you to missions but you aren’t sure where you belong, the role of Evangelism Teammate is perfect for you. Help us build real relationships that bring the lost to Christ. ABWE has built a solid foundation throughout Eurasia, but there is still much to be done — and not enough people to help. You can share the gospel with a people who desperately need hope, faith and peace — imagine the impact helping just one family could have! Please prayerfully consider joining our team in Eurasia.

Not sure if you are a perfect fit?

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