The Position

ABWE in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) desperately needs an Evangelism Teammate to spread the Gospel among a community of believers who are spiritually sound but neglectful in practice.

As an evangelism teammate, you will:

  • Share your ability to bring people together by shining Christ’s love throughout a community that desperately needs it
  • Share your testimony among those who need reminding of the greatness of God, and encourage others to welcome Christ into their hearts
  • Demonstrate a sound knowledge of Scripture and welcome conversations about faith and beliefs
  • Help church and ministry leaders run engaging programs that welcome nonbelievers, and provide respite for a community exhausted by substance abuse, crime and violence
  • Work cooperatively with ABWE teammates with essential tasks

The Need

Helping in what God is doing in Trinidad and Tobago doesn’t mean you need to be perfect. You simply need to be focused on others. Everywhere you turn in T&T, you’ll find the worldly temptations that lead His followers astray. Substance abuse, unstable families and a high crime rate have become social norms. With ABWE, you can help create an environment where spirituality occurs not only in thought but also in practice. By reaching younger nationals, we can help people make God-honoring choices and live lives worthy of Him.

The Impact

Working as an evangelist is an incredibly rewarding way to share Jesus Christ through your own personal experiences. In a community where worldly problems have interfered with the spiritual teachings of God, you’ll serve as an authentic reminder of the transformative power of Scripture. Imagine how many lives God can change if you influence just one person! With ABWE in T&T, you’ll enrich the lives of so many simply by telling them the Truth. Please prayerfully consider joining our team in Trinidad and Tobago.


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