Nursing Clinical Faculty


The Position

We are looking for registered nurses with experience in clinical teaching and/or preceptorship who would be willing to work with Togolese nursing students during their clinical rotations, to challenge the students’ critical thinking, teach and evaluate, encourage and correct! Nursing classes in Togo began in the summer of 2016 will run concurrently through 2019 at ABWE’s Hospital of Hope and Hopital Baptiste Biblique (HBB). Since we now have students in two different cities, our need for clinical faculty is even more acute. Clinical faculty are key to our students’ learning and practice! You have the opportunity to build into their lives.

The Need

Togo is located in West Africa, a geographic area characterized by poor quality of life and little access to the gospel. Muslims are the fastest growing religious group in the country and nearly one-in-three Togolese practice some form of animism. The country has seen little evangelical outreach and maintains one of the highest percentages of un-evangelized local religions in all of Africa.

The Hospital of Hope is located in the far northern region of Togo, with many unreached people groups in the local vicinity. This ministry exists to bring hope and healing to the people of West Africa. Opened in March 2015, the Hospital of Hope is a 60-bed major medical, surgical and acute care facility, and regional trauma center. They have male, female, maternity, pediatrics, neo-natal, ICU and infectious wards. A busy outpatient clinic serves thousands of patients each year. The bulk of the patients are Togolese, but many come from neighboring Ghana, Burkina Faso, Benin and Nigeria. The staff is composed of missionary physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners, western and missionary-trained nurses, and support staff. Additionally, a staff of multi-lingual chaplains engages daily with patients, families and visitors.

ABWE’s second hospital, Karolyn Kempton Memorial Christian Hospital (KKMCH), or Hopital Baptiste Biblique (HBB) as it is known in Togo, is a 40-bed acute care facility that serves about a half a million people. HBB exists to glorify God by proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ in Togo through medical evangelism, discipleship, and the strengthening local churches. Opened in 1985, it is located in the southern plateau of Togo. There are male, female and pediatric wards, an infection ward, a maternity ward with a four bed delivery area, a small ICU and a few isolation and private rooms. Each year HBB provides care to over 2,200 inpatients, including around 1,600 surgical cases. HBB averages 700 deliveries per year with about 50% of those being c-sections. A busy outpatient clinic runs an average of 20,000 visits annually. The hospital also conducts immunization and pre-natal clinics. The bulk of the patients are Togolese, but many come from neighboring Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Benin. The physicians serving here are primarily US trained and boarded, and the nursing staff has been educated by missionary nurses using a Western-based curriculum.

The Impact

Both Hopital Baptiste Biblique and Hospital of Hope are integral parts of the overall strategy for reaching Togolese people with the gospel and planting self-sustaining, indigenous churches. Many patients are exposed to the gospel for the first time when they are receiving care at one of our facilities.

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