GLCA School Teachers


The Position


The Greater Lisbon Christian Academy (GLCA) has openings for elementary and secondary teachers who want to minister in English to a variety of nationalities, both believers and non-believers, for the sake of the Kingdom. Your experience here will include ministry with a supportive team.

Come experience Europe while serving the Savior. Imagine yourself impacting MK’s (missionary kids) and international students in a country that is only 0.4% Evangelical! Housing and the use of a vehicle are provided for first year teachers serving 5-10 months (some restrictions apply).

2023-2024 Needs:

  • Science Teacher
  • English Teacher
  • History Teacher
  • Math Teacher – Furlough Coverage (1 year only)
  • K-12 Art Teacher
  • Elementary Teacher
  • P.E. Teacher (part-time)
  • Secretary – Furlough Coverage (1 year only)

Qualified individuals are welcome to apply for periods of 6-10 months or longer. Over the years God has used recent college graduates, experienced teachers and retired educators to meet the needs. Even if you are not available for the coming school year, it is never too early to start the application process. If you don’t see an open position that combines your skills and interests, feel free to communicate with us to start a conversation about how God could use you here.

All of our teachers and staff raise their own financial support to serve at GLCA. However, we do provide free housing and a vehicle to use for first year teachers.

GLCA serves 50 students from eight different countries. Many of our students are the children of missionaries living and ministering in and around Lisbon. Others are international students from unbelieving families. GLCA has been staffed by missionaries for over 30 years.

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The Need

Portugal is a beautiful land with a rich history. Its people are friendly…and lost. The Portuguese Evangelical Alliance estimates that only 0.4% of the population is evangelical! Years of Roman Catholic domination, plus waves of cults and the lure of materialism have taken their toll. The average Portuguese person has a hole in his heart, yet seems inoculated against the message of Christ. What he/she needs is to see Christ lived out in another person.

Working as an ABWE missionary, you’ll have the opportunity to support and collaborate with our national pastors and missionaries in reaching the lost in Portugal. Over the past 20 years, the ABWE missions team planted seven churches in addition to our teaching centers, and eight of our nine church plants are pastored by Portuguese leaders.

The Impact

The opportunity to make a spiritual impact through Christian Education in Portugal is great. Many of the missionary families who send their children to our school were either drawn to or remain in Portugal because of GLCA. Through your service, you’ll enable teammates and other tent-makers to serve the community, evangelize, and build relationships with unbelievers with the goal of sharing the hope of Christ.

As a missionary teacher, you also have the unique opportunity to use your classroom as a place of ministry. Discipleship and evangelism happen daily as you minister both to Christian students and to unbelieving students from international families.

Ministry Focuses

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