Bridge – MK (Missionary Kids) Summer Program

We LOVE our MKs, and over the years we have had the privilege of hosting many college-aged MKs at the International Headquarters (IHQ), outside of Harrisburg, PA during our exciting summer season of events.

Previously called Quest, the MK summer program is now called BRIDGE. We’re looking for MKs to join us and live, connect, and serve side-by-side in the ministries of ABWE IHQ, with staff who will also serve as your hosts away from “home.”

The Details

WHO: “College-aged” ABWE MKs who are at least 18 years old, have been out of high school for at least one year, and are maturing believers with a teachable spirit and a desire to serve

WHEN: May 31–August 3, 2023

WHERE: ABWE International Headquarters (IHQ), Harrisburg PA

The Benefits

  • Make an impact on missionary families by serving important needs at the IHQ
  • Gain spiritual mentoring and teaching from mature believers focused on investing in you
  • Build community through teamwork and fellowship with other MKs
  • Influence and invest in the lives of younger MKs
  • Save some money for college
  • Learn and grow through daily Bible study and prayer times, and through attending The Roots of Faith course

What You’ll Do

  • Participate in 6 days of team building and orientation at an off-site retreat center
  • Live in the homes of different IHQ teammates and the ABWE guest apartment
  • Assist in creating a plan for future summer programs
  • Prepare for and assist with three weeks of MK programs (children & teens)
  • Serve in the IHQ kitchen and grounds
  • Support special projects, event preparation, and the ME Conference in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Enjoy fun activities and amazing food prepared by ABWE’s very own chef

For more information, please contact Space for the program is limited.