Funding Mission Services

We’re Simplifying Costs

Historically, missions funding at ABWE was complex—full of exceptions and disparities—and difficult to explain to new missionaries, partner churches, donors, and even ourselves.

We wanted to do better. So, we asked…

Beginning January 1, 2022 we will use a new model that is both easy to understand and encouraging to our missionary family.

All donations are subject to a 2.5% financial services charge and each career missionary contributes $250 a month toward the cost of the services and resources they receive as a member of the ABWE family.

The 2.5% financial services charge covers:

  • Donation Processing & Receipting
  • Annual Tax Form Preparation
  • Payroll & Expense Report Processing
  • Bank & Audit Fees
  • Liability Insurance

The $250 monthly missionary services contribution offsets the cost of:

  • IT Support
  • Benefits Management
  • Medical & Missionary Care
  • Training
  • Communications & Mobilization Efforts
  • Legal Protection
  • Church Relations
  • Missionary Enrichment Conference

*This $250 contribution is reduced on a sliding scale for accounts with lower monthly donation amounts (e.g., retired, short-term, associate, and prefield missionaries).

Transparency in Costs

Another change in this model is that credit/debit card transaction fees (typically 3%) will be visible to both you as a donor and the missionary.

For Example: If you donate $100 to a missionary online using a debit/credit card, a $3 transaction fee is collected by the credit card company and $97 remains for the missionary’s ministry account.

To have 100% of your donation go to your missionary, consider the following:

  1. Switch your giving method to eCheck (EFT) or;
  2. Include the 3% transaction fees along with your gift.

Contact to discuss your giving options.

Simple. Fair. Encouraging.

We have already communicated these changes to your missionaries, and the majority of their responses have been positive. This is because the vast majority of them will see their contributions toward administrative costs remain the same or even decrease.

This move is not intended to generate additional revenue for the mission. Our goal for this change was simplicity, transparency, and fairness.

Additionally, we’re thrilled that through generous giving to the Global Gospel Fund, missionaries receive an additional $60 (per individual) or $120 (per couple) each month in services at no cost to them!

We hope this new funding model provides you with a greater understanding of the services missionaries receive as a member of the ABWE family—as well as how those services are funded.

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