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ABWE’s Good Soil Evangelism & Discipleship training materials and resources are focused on helping believers build a deep biblical understanding so they can effectively share the gospel and do cross-cultural ministry in their communities. View all Good Soil resources.

Gaining Ground with Good Soil

By Gil Thomas

This is a scaled-down version of the Good Soil Evangelism & Discipleship Seminar in a narrative format that focuses on principles applicable to anyone wishing to serve God through biblical evangelism and discipleship. Free resources for individual and group study are also available.

The Story of Hope Workbook

By Wayne Haston & Ron Berrus

This workbook is a time-flexible resource for presenting the Bible’s big redemptive story in as few as 15 minutes or as long as 20+ hours. Designed for evangelistic Bible studies, one-on-one or in small groups, this resource is also helpful in teaching God’s redemptive plan to believers.

The Way to Joy

By Wayne Haston & Ron Berrus

The Way to Joy Bible study booklet is intended to be used as an evangelistic discipleship follow-up in both one-to-one settings, or as a study book for classes with new converts and includes 10 lessons and a set of Bible memory cards. Quantity discounts are available.

The Story of Hope Kids

This full-color adaptation of the adult-level book is visually designed and language level adapted for kids, ages 8-12, and contains 40 key event-lessons for teaching and learning the Bible’s big redemptive story and the Chronological Bridge to Life (ChronoBridge), age-adapted Bible maps and a cut-away drawing of the Old Testament tabernacle.

The Bible’s Big Story Powerpoint CD

The Bible’s Big Story PowerPoint CD (formerly The Story of Hope PowerPoint CD) has been upgraded to include color-coded borders and numbering that coincide with the event images in each respective booklet or workbook. The CD includes three PowerPoints for teaching the Bible’s redemptive story (with 20, 40, 100 events & images).

Reflections from God’s Story of Hope

By Gil Thomas

Reflections unfolds the storyline of the Bible through 50 Old Testament and 50 New Testament events and 25 major Bible eras—from Genesis through Revelation. Complete with 100 custom images this 200-page coffee table book is Bible storybook for all—adults, children, and non-Christians.

ABWE Missionary Autobiographies

From the Prairies of Peru—and Beyond

By Ivor & Ruth Greenslade

A Canadian family’s adventure along the Amazon — see how these missionary pioneers spread the love of Christ to a lost world through an exciting account of their work in Peru.

In the Air for Him

By Ruth Scheltema

Ruth relates the exciting and sometimes hair-raising adventures of flying with her pilot-husband for more than 50 years as they pioneered an aviation ministry and put their lives on the line to stay “in the air for Him.”

In Judson’s Footsteps

By Elsie Chaney & Jeannie Lockerbie

This is a story of Elsie Northrup Chaney, who followed in the footsteps of Adoniram Judson to Burma, and of the Burmese Christian workers supported by ABWE’s GAP ministry.

Jungle Myths

By Keith G. Kaynor

The story of ABWE’s medical work on the Amazon River is filled with personal stories of Brazilians — some who came to Christ — and tells of God’s provision in missionaries’ lives.

Me? A Missionary?

By Millie Crouch

An autobiographical account presents a delightful picture of missions as Millie tells the often humorous, sometimes frustrating, but always rewarding effort of leading Filipinos to Christ.

No Greater Joy

By Ruth Woodworth

Filled high drama and gripping emotion, Ruth Woodworth recounts how she treks to remote Philippine islands, directs a Bible Institute, and survives internment and near-starvation in WWII.

From a Canoe to a Chevy

By Ralph J. Poulson

Ralph and Marjorie served with ABWE in Brazil for 25 years in the Amazon, and then Natal, directing the Berean Baptist Seminary.

If I’d Had My Way

By Ruth Scheltema

As a missionary pilot’s wife, Ruth encountered many struggles when her way seemed the most logical and safe; however, God had His own plans for Ruth’s life and ministry. When her husband was gone on lengthy flight missions and she was alone; when she wasn’t able to speak the language to communicate with the women and children of the villages; when fear crippled both her productivity and ministry: these events would have gone differently if Ruth had her way, but she later saw those same events as definitive ways God was teaching her obedience to His will.

The Journey from the Mountains to the Mission Field

By Carole Beverly

To be a servant of Christ requires a call, a cost and a commitment. These three things are evident in the lives of this missionary couple. The ministry of this courageous missionary family continues on today in the Philippines and throughout the world through individuals who were impacted by their ministry.

One Candle to Burn

By Kay Washer

This book is a recount of God’s amazing work through Dal and Kay Washer as they take the Gospel to unreached jungle tribes, rescued unwanted babies, founded a ministry for blind children, and helped start a hospital in Togo, West Africa.

Pearl from the Orient

By Marjory Miller

Daughter of ABWE’s first missionaries to China, Marjory grew up speaking two Chinese dialects before speaking English. Read of harrowing escapes from Japanese invaders and Communist insurgents, and God’s protection and provision.

Port of Two Brothers

By Paul Schlener

The astonishing story of how God led brothers Paul and John Schlener to a spot on the map named after them, how God spared their lives in incredible and amusing adventures, and how he used them to draw hundreds of indigenous people to Himself.

Under the Shadow of the Dragon

By Harry Ambacher

From 1965 to 1999, ABWE’s ministry in Hong Kong grew from three small missionary churches to more than 30 vibrant churches with Chinese pastors. With riveting accounts of Mao Tse-tung’s Cultural Revolution and the Beijing Massacre in Tiananmen Square, this book is a must read.

ABWE Ministry Resources

By Ones & By Twos

By Jeannie Stephenson

Learn how single and married missionary workers learn to understand one another better, communicate more effectively, and build stronger personal and ministry relationships in the highly challenging atmosphere of international missions.

Women in the Bible (Kindle Version)

By Eunice Priddy

This devotional study of 50 women in the Bible contains Bible readings, commentary, applications, and discussion questions. Learn how God cares for women and can use them in a mighty way.

Would I Stand

By Cheryl Winget

This music book contains 16 songs written straight from the heart of a gifted musician & missionary to Hungry. It includes musical scores, stories that inspired the songs, and sketches of people from around the world. Accompaniments available.

Becoming a Jungle Pilot: An Amazon Missionary Story

By Ruth Scheltema

God used a fearful accident in Hank’s life to direct him to a life of service.

Church Planting…One Baby at a Time

By Lori Sheldon Smith

Witness heart stirring, real life drama that is the daily reality of God breaking the strongholds of darkness and opening doors of resistance to his amazing gospel message in the highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Feet and Toes

By Jack Sorg

Feet and Toes is a short but clear description of the biblical principles for the common issues that confront believers and their churches. Almost every sentence is documented by scripture. After laying the groundwork for a path that is pleasing to God, the book covers the steps to true maturity in the gospel.

From a Canoe to a Chevy

By Ralph J. Poulson

Ralph and Marjorie served with ABWE in Brazil for 25 years in the Amazon, and then Natal, directing the Berean Baptist Seminary.


By Jim Ruff

In this book, the remarkable story of Raphael Thomas is brought to life in the historical contexts of the 19th and 20th centuries.


By Kyle Farran

In our zeal to glorify God and be used by Him, we have a tendency to rely on doing things for God. However, when God chose to use certain individuals in the Bible, it wasn’t because of their efforts or abilities. God was looking at their heart. God wants worshipers who work, not workers who worship. There is a vast difference between the two.

Paul Planted, Apollos Watered, but God

By Chris Sadowitz & Jim Harries

As weak and vulnerable as Jesus finds us, so does he desire to use us. Explore in this book the thought and practice of ministry and mission from the God-ordained and God-honoring perspective of vulnerable weakness.

Partners Together in the Great Enterprise

By David W. Schmidt

In 1917, Britain embraced Zionism and supported the concept of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Thirty years later, Britain rejected that commitment. In 1948, the United States picked up the fallen banner of Christian Zionism and has supported Israel ever since. What will America do in the 21st century? Will she continue to back Israel or will she reconsider this role?


By Shawne and Harold Ebersole

How can we possibly rest in our chaotic days? Read Harold and Shawne’s story, and discover how you can have true rest in God through any situation.


By Harold and Shawne Ebersole

How can we possibly persevere through challenging days? Read Harold and Shawne’s story and discover how you too, like a marathon runner, can press on through any situation.

Spiritual Gifts

By David L. Rogers

The goal of this book is to guide the reader through a self-examination of their own spiritual giftedness. To be sure, there will be topics and questions that this short work cannot encompass, but the four simple steps that form a part of a guide to understand, discover and use the spiritual gifts is what we have attempted to provide here.

A Surgeon’s Hands – God’s Work

By Ernie Bowman

A Surgeon’s Hands – God’s Work will transport you into the exotic world of medical missions and tropical surgery. For four decades, Dr. Bob Cropsey was a missionary surgeon in Togo, Africa. His goal was to use medical care to establish a gospel witness, and he accomplished that with undeniable success.

No Ordinary Day

By Butch Jarvis

Take a peek into the life of an Amazon jungle bush pilot.

Is God Calling Me to Missions?

By Caleb Suko

How do you know for sure if God is calling you to missions? Take a deep look at what it really means to be a missionary and how God has specifically called out a few people for this amazing task. In the book you’ll find 10 questions, each helping you to you understand better what it means to be a missionary and aid you in seeing clearly whether or not God has called you to missions.

Men & Women

By Timothy Hepworth

Dr. Hepworth explores the concept of holy sexuality in very practical terms. His primary thesis is that God created sex for our enjoyment and to promote fellowship and oneness between husband and wife. Yet single men and women are not left out of the equation.

What God Can Do

By Shirley Cropsey

Follow along as Shirley pours Scripture and insight into letter after letter to her mom. Between buying groceries in a foreign country and protecting her sons from African snakes, Shirley shares about her daily struggles of homesickness, cultural adjustments, political strife, and chronic illness. Through Shirley’s story, see all that God can do with a willing, open heart.

Missions By The Book

By Chad Vegas and Alex Kocman

Across the church, there is a rift between theology and missions. Bad theology produces bad missions, and bad missions fuels bad theology.

We wrongly think that we must choose between making a global impact and thinking deeply about the things of God. But the relationship between theology and missions is symbiotic—one cannot exist without the other. They walk hand-in-hand.

ABWE Children’s Teaching Resources

Juan of the Philippines

By Joan B. Cole

A 5-day series of a Filipino boy who meets missionaries at the hospital. This story presents a clear salvation message and promotes understanding of another culture and contains coloring and activity pages.


By Don & Helen Hare

This is a true story for elementary-age children about a young Brazilian brother and sister who were taken from their mother and nearly transported to Europe. A lesson on God’s protection and plan for them is revealed.

Kubanka Kids

By Donna Messenger

Based on real events, this resource features stories about kids in the small village of Kubanka, Ukraine, right after the fall of Communism. The book is laid out in a flip-chart format for easy group viewing. Full-color illustrations included.

99 Adventures in the Bible’s Big Story

By Dr. Jim Cook

In 99 Adventures, children will learn to understand the Bible’s big story of redemption from Genesis to Revelation. This fun title is a collection of lessons from 40 books of the Bible.

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