Clearing Volunteers for Your Field

As of November 8, 2023, we have moved all new short-term missions trip registrations to the Launch Point system in MyABWE. If you haven’t used the new Launch Point system, please watch the following video to learn how to login to the new Launch Point system.

We are excited about this new system for registering and tracking new short-term missions trip volunteers. The new system will allow you to track each participant’s registration and activity, as well as their completion of requirements for serving on the field. Additionally, you will be able to easily invite others and email all registered participants with one click. Finally, the new Launch Point system is built on the MyABWE platform, which allows all registrant’s profile information to be shared across Launch Point, mobilization applications, event registrations, and donations through the donor portal, all in the same login.

If you have any issues logging into the new Launch Point system (through MyABWE), please contact IT support.

Note: The new system is for all new trips (registering after November 8, 2023). You should continue to use Clear Travel to manage any trips with participants registered prior to November 8, 2023.