Covenant Eyes

It’s a problem that affects nearly half of Christians, including those in active ministry. It affects men, women, and children of all ages and backgrounds. It’s the problem of pornography.

As widespread as this problem is, there’s hope. ABWE has formed a partnership with Covenant Eyes to develop a plan to help called Communities. Communities are a way for ministries to create a culture of accountability. They help bring porn out of the dark and into the light, where it can be addressed and healed biblically.

How does a Community work?

A Covenant Eyes Community is a network of Covenant Eyes accounts linked together. This provides a platform enabling organizations to quickly deploy Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability to a large number of people.

Even better, Covenant Eyes Communities offer group savings, training, free resources like blog posts, videos, and top-rated customer support. These resources make it easy for ministries like ABWE to create a culture of accountability. You will be able to download Covenant Eyes on all of your devices (including mobile phones), and those of your family members, and a weekly Accountability Report will be sent to the person of your choice. You can also choose an internet filter option if you would like (which is recommended for your children).

To learn more, visit their website here.

What you receive:

  • Internet Accountability (and, optionally, Filtering) for all your work and personal devices.
  • 24-7 Access to our hand-selected Resource Library, with e-books, videos, support materials and much more.
  • Free, ongoing technical support from the Covenant Eyes Customer Service team.
  • Link an existing account or create a new one and save $4 off retail price
  • Pay automatically from your ministry account