Pro-Life Ministry & Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Pregnancy is a time of strength and vulnerability. But if you’re alone, it’s also a time of fear and uncertainty. Our ministry partners seek to support and encourage women from the moment they enter the pregnancy center through childbirth. The following pregnancy resource centers provide pro-life alternatives to abortion in countries that often push women in hard situations towards abortion clinics.

Choose Life Center

Located in Odessa, Ukraine, the Choose Life Center is a beacon of hope and support for women facing the challenges of unplanned pregnancies, especially amidst the ongoing conflict in the region.

Key Statistics (as of August 2023):

  • Total number of clients served since 2014: 322
  • New clients in 2023: 21
  • One-on-one counseling sessions in 2023: 209
  • Babies born in 2023: 6
  • Active volunteers in 2023: 19
  • Professions of Faith in 2022: 3 clients, 2 of whom were baptized in a local church

Ministry Adaptations

The center adapted its operations due to the war, transitioning many services online and reducing its physical presence. Since August 2022, the center has resumed regular hours and is actively training a new group of volunteers.

Comprehensive Support

The Choose Life Center offers holistic crisis pregnancy counseling, covering topics like parenting, marriage, and Bible studies. Clients can also attend group childbirth preparation classes and a monthly mom’s club.

Located in Ukraine, the Choose Life Center cares for every woman who walks through its doors. In the past year, the center has:

  • Served 41 new clients in 2020
  • Actively working with 40-50 client
  • Provided 476 1-on-1 client visits with a counselor

Florece Prenatal & Family Counseling Center

This year, FLORECE celebrates its 5th anniversary. Since its founding, the center has:

  • Witnessed 33 salvation decisions
  • Helped 226 individual clients
  • Seen 46 babies be born

Dar Health Initiative

The health initiative founded the MamaLove program, which cared for and educated 75 women over the past two years.

New Life Prenatal Center

This Peruvian center specializes in crisis pregnancies and trauma, offering comprehensive services for pregnancy care, abortion counseling, abuse, and other trauma.

New Hope Pregnancy & Family Counseling Care Center

The center offers free healthcare services to women in the community, as well as counseling for abortion-minded woman and for post-abortion trauma. Since its founding, the center has:

  • Counseled over 440 people
  • Witnessed over 250 salvation decisions

The pregnancy resource center offers both biblical and medical guidance, through discipleship and counseling. The prenatal center provides free pregnancy tests and three types of counseling, including counseling for abortion-minded women, post-abortion trauma, and family counseling. They also teach abstinence workshops at schools and institutions.

Consider giving to Global Pregnancy Resources to support clinics like this one.

Seigu Baptist Clinic

Located in Papua New Guinea, the Seigu Baptist Clinic offers prenatal care, family planning, and counseling. To date, the clinic has treated around 22,000 cases this year.

Global Pregnancy Resources

This fund serves seven ministries, providing for each pregnancy clinic’s unique needs when they come up. Your gift ensures that each center stays fully funded and operational to continue the Great Commission and life-saving work they’re doing.

Worthy of Life Prenatal and Family Counseling Center

The Worthy of Life Prenatal and Family Counseling Center, located in Arequipa, Peru, is a non-profit association made up of professionals and trained volunteers promoting the sanctity of human life, sexual integrity, and the strengthening of the family with the gospel as the central message of hope, healing, and restoration. 

While this ministry primarily focuses on providing emotional, spiritual, and physical support to women facing an unplanned pregnancy, or post-abortion trauma, our vision is to provide counseling services to meet a variety of needs such as abuse, addiction, and depression.