For Churches

The Role of the Local Church in Missions

As a Christian missions board, we believe that sending churches aren’t just an important part of the missions process. They are essential. We cultivate equal partnerships with missionaries and local sending churches, equipping them with the resources needed to fulfill the Great Commission.

We connect about 400 like-minded sending churches and thousands of supporting churches with missionaries who need their prayer and financial support. Each of these churches—whether independent, non-denominational, Southern Baptist, Reformed Baptist, or Evangelical Free—agrees with our Baptist doctrinal commitments.

Want to learn more about ABWE? See if we’re the right mission board for your church at Virtual Demo. You’ll get to meet our team and discover what makes us so passionate about missions.

Ways Your Church can Support Missions

The fulfillment of the Great Commission isn’t possible without the local church. If your church wants to support a missionary or ministry project, you can donate to the Global Gospel Fund. The Global Gospel Fund provides a team of 70+ experts to help over 1,000 missionaries, reaching 84 countries.