Storytellers Abroad Trip Funding FAQs

I don’t have that kind of money. What do I do?

The Storytellers Abroad workshop is a missions trip, therefore you can raise funds as you would any other. You will be issued an account through ABWE, which allows your friends and family to give tax-deductible gifts through the agency. You will have an online giving portal, making it easy for people to give electronically toward your trip. With easy online access to your account, you can monitor incoming gifts in order to send thank you notes and track your progress.

That sounds great, but I don’t have a clue how to raise support. I’ve never done that before.

We will provide a packet of fundraising materials and tips on how to go about the process. Faith-based missions is what ABWE does, and therefore we have great experience with how to do this. You are not alone. We will offer the support you need.

Yes, but I’m still scared.

You are not alone. Scared is normal. We are confident that God provides for the tasks He gives us to do. If this is an opportunity God is providing to move you toward serving Him in missions, He is willing and able to meet your needs. Before God does things through us, He does things in us. One of the many ways that missions endeavors increase our faith is through watching God provide for our needs. Our workshop participants have shared amazing testimonies of how the cost of these trips have been covered.

How can you offer these trips so inexpensively?

If you’ve been on missions trips before, you realize that the cost of the Storytellers Abroad workshop is about the same as a trip half this amount of time. The price reflects actual workshop costs. There is no markup. We’ve worked diligently with our missionary teams on the field to keep costs down. Storytellers Abroad has no paid staff. We are missionaries who raise our own support and therefore are able to keep the cost of the workshops down.

What is the value compared to other missions opportunities?

Comparing apples to apples, a Storytellers Abroad workshop is so much more than a missions trip…and so much more than a workshop. In addition to all of your typical travel expenses, you’re gaining world class multimedia training from industry professionals that results in a finished portfolio piece. Even more than that, you’re learning strategic missions communications from more than a dozen missions leaders. The purpose is that in the end, you will have a clearer picture of the steps to take in order to use your media/communications skills in missions ministry. There truly is nothing like Storytellers Abroad!

Do you offer scholarships?

Although on certain workshops we offer an early registration discount, there is currently no scholarship funding available. Since the workshop fee is based on actual costs, there is no profit margin built in to offer cost reductions. However, we are looking to build a scholarship program through outside donors that we hope to have available in the years to come.

When do I need to have my money in?

Upon approval of your application, you will be sent an official invitation letter at which time a $250 deposit is due. The deposit is your agreement that you intend to accept the invitation to attend the Storytellers Abroad workshop. The final payment for the full amount of the workshop is due approximately 8 weeks prior to the start of the workshop, allowing us to have necessary funds to secure accommodations and other workshop necessities.

How does my account through ABWE work?

Once your application is approved and we receive your $250 deposit, you will have the option of having our Missionary Finance Department set up an account for you. As you share this ministry opportunity within your network, people can use your unique account number to either give online through your personal giving web page, or send in a check. As the funds come into ABWE, each of your donors is issued a tax deductible receipt from ABWE, and your account will reflect the increased balance. You are able to continuously monitor your account balance until you reach full funding. If donations exceed the cost of the trip, you may use these funds to cover any other trip related expenses, for example passport fees, immunizations, necessary media equipment, or travel expenses to get to Harrisburg, PA to begin the workshop.

What if I cancel out of the trip after having been approved and paying my deposit?

All of your funds that have come in will stay in your account to be used for a later trip. This may be a Storytellers Abroad workshop, or any ABWE ministry trip. Because of strict US government laws on nonprofit organizations, donations may not be returned to the donor. Having been given under tax deductible status, all donations must remain within the nonprofit organization. If you are not planning another trip in the future, you may choose to give them to any other workshop participant, any ABWE missionary, or to the Storytellers Abroad program. In the case of cancellation, the nonrefundable $250 deposit would not be returned to you.