Brand Assets and Guidelines


The Good Soil brand mark is available as horizontal and stacked variations in blue, charcoal, and white. Download the full package of logo colors and formats using the button below.

Logo Don’ts

  • Aspect – Don’t scale the logo out of proportion.
  • Resolution – Don’t use the logo in a way that it looks pixelated.
  • Editing – Don’t add, remove, or edit any elements of the logo.
  • Contrast – Don’t display the logo on a surface lacking contrast.

Brand Colors

Materials used for Good Soil promotion and training use foundational palette consists of greens and blues. The greens create a strong, and unique identity, while ABWE blues and gray relate back to the parent brand. (Colors may be utilized in tints of 10%) Good Soil publications may pull from the full ABWE palette.

Dark Green

CMYK 68/11/82/40
RGB 54/115/64
HEX 367340

Light Green

CMYK 53/16/82/10
RGB 122/158/84
HEX 7A9E54


CMYK 95/72/15/68
RGB 0/29/68
HEX 001D44


CMYK 78/61/53/40
RGB 54/69/77
HEX 36454D


CMYK 65/41/32/3
RGB 101/130/149
HEX 658295

Light Blue

CMYK 30/5/0/0
RGB 172/214/242

Classic Blue

CMYK 100/72/27/12
RGB 0/78/125
HEX 004E7D


The Good Soil brand pairs Gotham with the friendlier feeling Sentinel font. When they are not available, Merriweather and Montserrat may be used as a replacement. Merriweather and Montserrat can be downloaded for free from Google Fonts.

  • Body Copy Guide:
    • Body: Gotham Book 9 pt
    • Tracking: 0-10 pt
    • Leading: 14
    • Kerning: Metric
  • Headers:
    • Headline: Sentinel Black Italic
    • Call Out: Gotham all caps or Sentinel Regular


The Good Soil logo icon can be used as a separate visual element but never as a replacement for the logo itself. Other icons should follow its form, using lines instead of solid shapes. These icons follow a minimal, yet highly expressive style.


Good Soil brand photography is fresh, and vibrant. It should feel authentic and help to illustrate a person, place, or story. Clip art should not be used but custom illustrations are acceptable.

Design Examples

Good Soil training and promotional materials are designed on a minimum 4 column grid with a baseline of 14pt. Paragraph styles should be established and assigned based on the copy guides noted above. Note the use of white space, photography and custom illustrations.

Brand Guide

Download our official Good Soil brand guide using the button below. For more information, contact