Episode 1: Are You a Christian?

A Thirst for Spiritual Truth

Can you image what it might be like to never hear the name of Jesus until someone who doesn’t look like you, act like you, or believe like you comes along and shares a truth that is different from anything you have ever heard? Would you be open to new ideas or walk away from the conversation.

A Muslim spends most of his or her life steeped in spiritual things, yet are lost and unreached, living a life without Christ, a Bible, a church, or other Christians. Harry shares some of his missionary experience among unreached people groups and Muslims and introduces the need for the Heart, Mind, Soul: Muslim Seminar.

Start Here

Think About These Questions

  • Why is a biblical basis for our attitudes about others so important?
  • What would your life look like now without other Christians or the influence of God’s Word?
  • What is an unreached people group?
  • Think about your own beliefs or current relationships, would you feel comfortable sharing Christ with a Muslim neighbor or acquaintance? How about interacting with those of the Muslim faith?

Take a Moment In Prayer

Heavenly Father, would you open our hearts, minds, and souls to other people needing your precious gift of eternal life. Would you help us to be intentional with our relationships and guide our conversations to be ready with an answer concerning our hope in you and your Son’s gift of eternal life. Keep our eyes and ears open to those that have never heard your name and so desperately need you.