Incorporating Media

Put Media To Work For Your Ministry

  • Images and video are critical elements of crafting and communicating and compelling story. Be sure to include photos of yourself, family members, and the ongoing work of your projects. People care about faces and a single photo of someone’s life being changed by gospel ministry is worth more than any amount of text. Be sure to describe what is going on in the picture with helpful captions, but your ministry will be best served and your audience most encouraged by images of the people and places involved in your ministry.
  • Video is also an excellent way to reach your audience. You can record on your smartphone or, for higher quality resolution, you could use a DSLR camera to capture what is going on. Giving 5-minute monthly updates will help those praying for and supporting you from home to get a first-hand experience of what the Lord is doing in your area. You could also record regular day-in-the-life segments to show the regular rhythms of life in ministry.