Medical Missions Opportunities

Healthcare is a powerful tool for serving both the physical and spiritual needs of a sick and hurting world. In our nearly 100 years of ministry, we’ve seen compassionate medical care soften the hearts of people across the globe and open doors to share the gospel. From the beginning, our heartbeat has been providing compassionate care, communicating Christ to the unreached, and planting churches to disciple new believers in their faith.

That’s a lot of work! And we can’t do it alone. That’s why we’re looking for doctors, nurses, and other medical partners like you to help meet the needs of the hurting across the globe, whether it’s a one-week trip or a lifetime career, we have plenty of opportunities for you to explore and consider.

Partner Hospital in Bangladesh

Opening in 1966, Memorial Christian Hospital (MCH) has served thousands of sick and hurting people that have come through its doors. Today, it is one of the major surgical resources in Bangladesh by:

  • Maintaining a 120-bed facility
  • Performing more than 2,000 surgeries per year
  • Seeing over 50,000 patients per year

But, even greater than its role as an emergency healthcare facility, it is a safe haven for the spiritually lost. Every patient that enters the hospital hears the gospel and is cared for both physically and spiritually by hospital staff.

For nearly four decades, Samaritan’s Purse has partnered with MCH, sending volunteer surgeons on service trips since 1981, and more recently, assisting with the medical care of the thousands of Rohingya refugees who fled Myanmar.

Hospital of Hope | Northern Togo

Located in northern Togo, the Hospital of Hope opened in March of 2015 and has been serving the community and surrounding countries by:

  • Maintaining a 66-bed facility
  • Caring for 2,500 inpatients per year
  • Performing 1,000 surgeries annually
  • Serving 100-150 outpatient clinic visits per day
  • Starting a PAACS program in 2023

Teams of trained multilingual chaplains pray with patients and counsel families facing difficulties. They then follow up with patients in villages, developing disciples through chronological Bible studies.

God is using HOH to begin an awakening to the gospel among the unreached people groups in northern Togo and the surrounding area. Now known as “the hospital that prays,” many are being exposed to the gospel because of the care that they receive.

Hôpital Baptiste Biblique (HBB)| Southern Togo

Since 1985, Hôpital Baptiste Biblique has been furthering God’s kingdom in southern Togo, West Africa. The hospital has developed such a reputation for excellent medical care and genuine compassion that it attracts patients from hundreds of miles away by:

  • Maintaining a 50-bed facility
  • Performing 2,000 surgeries per year
  • Caring for 2,500 inpatients per year
  • Serving 18,000 outpatient patients per year
  • Delivering 600 babies per year

Along with meeting critical healthcare needs, a team of multilingual chaplains are also serving at the hospital bringing the hope of the gospel to one of the most poverty-stricken nations in the world. This ministry has become a major outreach in reaching unreached people groups in the community and surrounding areas.

While the hospital is serving their patients and sharing the gospel, they are also helping more Africans further their medical careers. The hospital is home to a nurse training program, mobile health clinics, and a community health evangelism ministry.

The team is eagerly looking forward to the completion of a full hospital expansion project so they can better serve the growing physical and spiritual needs of the Togolese people that come looking for help.

The Gambia

A church planting team with a heart for Muslim evangelism using diverse platforms. Are you someone who wants to use compassionate care to communicate Christ? The options are diverse! Potent opportunities in community development, Community Health Education (CHE), health education/ prevention, public health… Work alongside national partners using medical evangelism and discipleship.

New Life Prenatal Center | Peru

Located in Peru, New Life Prenatal Center specializes in crisis pregnancies and trauma, offering comprehensive services related to pregnancy, abortion, and abuse. The pregnancy resource center seeks to evangelize to, disciple, and provide biblical counseling to all of its clients. The missionary volunteers and prenatal center staff invite their clients to local churches and promote biblical values. These values include the sanctity of human life, value of sexual integrity, and importance of a strong family unit. The center also teaches these classes at surrounding churches to serve as a source of knowledge, inspiration, and training in biblical counseling and pro-life topics.


Before the war, mobile village clinics were done in the Odessa region, and a pro-life ministry was located in the city of Odessa. The Pro-Life ministry provides post-abortion healing small group Bible studies. The center has also served women facing unplanned pregnancies through its Women’s Center since 2014. They are in the process of developing a program for teaching youth abstinence. Approximately 12 million people live in “third-world” villages in Ukraine with little or no medical care. The clinics held in these villages assisted Ukrainian partners with evangelism and church planting as well as critical healthcare needs.

We desire to involve Christian Ukrainian physicians and P.A.’s to teach them how to make their medical practice a ministry. We are looking for healthcare workers with a passion to provide care to internally displaced people struggling because of the war’s economic impact and the burdened medical system. The situation in Ukraine is variable, so having a list medical providers who are flexible and/or willing to come when the country opens up would be ideal. The greatest needs are general practitioners, basic eye care, and physical therapy.

Reaching Africa’s Unreached Partnership | Uganda

A church planting team is expanding into unreached areas of northern Uganda near the Sudanese border and are looking for creative opportunities like Community Health Education and Mobile Health Clinics and Primary Care Clinics. This is an unreached area with opportunity for discipleship of new pastors and refugee ministry.

Ready To Take Another Step?

Our goal is help you find out how your passions and medical skills can intersect with God’s mission to reach the nations with the gospel.