Limited Access

These are lands of exotic names and destinations, as well as rich history. They include places where Jesus lived out his life and ministry.

These broad stretches of land are filled with beauty, culture, industry, and gut-wrenching social and personal need. They are areas of diversity and conflict — and the physical and spiritual poverty of those whose lives have been destroyed by conflict and who are now living in devastation or fleeing as refugees.

Church Planting In Limited Access

Because of the religions and restrictive governments found in these regions of the world, ABWE works in many different ways to enter into the lives of the people living here and bring them the life-saving message of hope through compassion ministries, business, education and healthcare. Our desire is to multiply disciples, leaders and churches in this broad and diverse area of the world, despite the many difficulties we find. We creatively design our ministries to meet people’s needs and build relationships, and then draw people together into redemptive communities of faith that carry on that work to an even greater depth.

Isn’t that the way that Jesus designed His church to act?

Can you see yourself with a team of others like you reaching these needy areas? Come and explore the opportunities of this area of the world with us.

Locations with Limited Access