Our Hospitals and Medical Ministries

  • Hospital of Hope in Togo, West Africa
    • Fully equipped surgical facilities with outpatient care
  • Ndungu Kebbeh Health Center in The Gambia, West Africa
    • The rural out-patient clinic serves Wolof people group through family practice, pediatrics, and dentistry
  • Memorial Christian Hospital in South Asia
    • Full-service inpatient and outpatient hospital and an associated college of health sciences
  • Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Peru, Ukraine, and Kenya
    • Offering counseling, prenatal and postnatal care
  • Ukraine Medical Ministry
    • Monthly relationship-building outpatient clinics in destitute villages, partnering with Ukrainian evangelists
  • Palawan Baptist Hospital
    • Sharing the gospel through medical missions, education, and community outreach
  • Argentina, Eastern Europe, Ecuador, Haiti, Nicaragua, North Africa, South Asia
    • Short-term medical trips and clinics

If you’re a trained medical professional who wants to combine your passion for caring for people with your passion for sharing the gospel, we want to talk to you.