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Kyle Farran


Avoiding Burnout in Missions

What do you long for in ministry? My heart longs to bear spiritual fruit for the glory of God. I desire my life and ministry to be useful to God and count for eternity! My heart cries out with Moses when he says: “Let the favor of the L...

10 Reasons God Entrusts Us With Trials

If I am serving God, shouldn’t God make my life easier, not harder? I have always wanted my life to glorify God—to live a life that shows God’s infinite power and worth so that he gets all the praise. In fact, this was the main reas...

How Missionaries ‘Photobomb’ God

We all know one. They lurk among us waiting to strike. With precision timing, they lunge from the shadows just before the camera’s flash. Not content to stay on the sidelines, they want to draw attention to themselves.The infamous photobomber.​Most pho...