In-Person Presentations

Connect Audience to Relationships

Begin your presentation with a hook. It could be a photo reel or a video, either your own or ABWE’s, that immediately engages your audience. Tap into the international and wide-ranging mission of ABWE.

Show the “faces” of your ministry, the people you are rubbing shoulders with and working with. Stories and anecdotes about changed individuals or people groups will pique your audience’s interest more than broad mission statements and goals.

Engage in the Great Commission

Don’t just share the “what” of your ministry. Explain the “why.” Why should people want to get involved and come alongside your ministry? How can your audience play a role in fulfilling Jesus’ commands in Matthew 28?

Missions work can’t be done alone. Participation from your supporters is vital. Call them to action by placing the ball in their court. Extend a hand and ask them to join you on a journey with a meaningful and fulfilling purpose.

Articulate Your Vision

Calling it an “elevator pitch” sounds too much like sales, but being able to communicate your ministry in simple but clear terms is necessary for short presentations.

Visit Kingdom Come Training, an ABWE coaching partner that will help you better hone and craft your vision. This process will enable your audience to connect the dots, demonstrating how your ministry fits into the big picture.