Prayer Point: Afghanistan

After 20 years of armed conflict, the hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan has left many Afghan nationals, who risked their lives and their families lives to help the US, without hope. We’ve all seen graphic images of people clinging to airplanes and heard stories of the Taliban firing into crowded airports.

This scene is reminiscent of the US withdrawal from Vietnam. Thousands of the Montagnard people (indigenous people from the Central Highlands, and allies of the US) were left behind with nothing to shield them from the wrath of the Viet Kong.

Back then, soldiers, veterans, and concerned Americans could help in tangible ways. Just like you can, now.


Afghanistan is a dangerous place to be, which means we can’t all go over to help. But, we can all donate to missionaries serving in the Middle East and Afghan Refugees.


  • For the deliverance and perseverance of our Christian brothers and sisters in Afghanistan facing persecution and, possibly, death.
  • For opportunities to minister to Afghans and other Islamic peoples in the US.
  • For the Taliban’s eyes to be opened to the truths of the gospel.
  • For God to be just with those who don’t repent and turn from their sinful ways.
  • For the safety of our military servicemen and women.
  • For Christ’s love to be shared in word and deed amongst the Afghan people.


Not everyone is called to serve in the military or to be a missionary overseas, but everyone is called to be a light to their friends and neighbors.

  • Military men and women, who served in Afghanistan, are watching the country and cities that they fought for fall back into enemy hands. It is important to remember our military friends and neighbors, support them, and encourage them.
  • Muslim friends and neighbors are watching the turmoil unfolding in Afghanistan, too. This is a good time to support them and talk to them about Jesus.

Want to talk to your Muslim neighbor but don’t know where to start? Download our guide!