Prayer Point: Ukraine

It’s been more than three decades since President Ronald Reagan stood there in Berlin and delivered his famous line, “Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall!” It was a great victory for those in the Soviet Bloc.

But on February 24, President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation announced the invasion of Ukraine. Bombs are being heard throughout the country, tanks are rolling down the streets, and expats are evacuating as chaos ensues.

While visitors to the country can leave, many nationals cannot. Our partners have helped provide mattresses for people to sleep on, groceries for families, rent for apartments, and traveling expenses.

But our job isn’t done. Ukraine still needs help. Will you partner with us and lift up the work of the local church and missionaries?


  • For the situation to be resolved peacefully
  • For our missionaries and Ukrainian churches to feel God’s peace, strength, and courage
  • For clarity as missionaries discern how to continue serving
  • For missionaries to faithfully love and serve those around them
  • For those in Ukraine without a place to go