Essential Mission Components

When: Every July
Who: Pastors & Churches, ABWE Missionaries


  • Prefield Missionaries: Mid-term, Long-term, Associates
  • ABWE Veteran Mid-Term and Long-Term Missionaries
  • US Pastors and Church Planters (BY INVITATION)

Open to participants by invitation only, Essential Mission Components (EMC) is a highly interactive, week-long course held at the ABWE International Headquarters in Harrisburg, PA.

Taught by a team of experienced ABWE missionaries who represent all major areas of the ABWE world, most of the training is done in small group, simulation-based settings designed to equip you for cross-cultural church planting that leads to national, regional, or even international church-planting and missions movements.

If you have already been invited to attend, use this link to register.

CHILDREN (Ages 5-13+)

During EMC, ABWE also offers Student and Teen Adventure Missions Preparation (STAMP) — a training for children ages 5 to teen to learn about the adjustments of living overseas and the MK (missionary kid) experience.

INFANTS AND TODDLERS (Ages 8 weeks-4 years)

ABWE has an on-site nursery staffed with loving volunteers who serve your youngest MK’s so that you can fully participate in the EMC training. All childcare workers have completed a background check and a child safety training course. Please note your child(ren’s) attendance in the EMC nursery when you complete your registration.


You will receive instructions and tools for completing the prerequisite assignments (see details below for more information). Completion of these assignments is required before EMC course registration. Registration closes one month prior to the event.

1. All prefield participants will be required to complete the country/city-specific research on the categories included in the Eco-Factor PowerPoint cards and submit the PowerPoint cards for evaluation.

2. All prefield participants will need to develop a solid, workable knowledge of the dominant religious worldview of the church planting context(s) in which you will be/are by completing a Religious Worldview Grid.

3. Participants may be asked to read the following books and articles and they should be prepared to discuss them in the course:

  • Global Church Planting by Craig Ott, Gene Wilson & Rick Warren
  • Cross-Cultural Connections: Stepping Out and Fitting in Around the World by Duane Elmer. (InterVarsity Press 2006)

ABWE Prefielders: Submit assignments according to instructions on your “My Assignments” page on ABWE Central.

Other Attendees: Submit assignments to coach@abwe.org