Missionary Orientation

When: Spring, Summer, and Fall
Who: ABWE Missionaries


Missionary Orientation exists to initiate long-term, mid-term, and associate missionary applicants into the ABWE family, inform new missionaries about how to navigate prefield missionary life moving forward, and inspire them to embrace our philosophy of ministry and bold vision.


Missionary Orientation lasts about one week, and takes applicants and new appointees through a journey including:

  • Completing the interview and appointment process to join ABWE
  • Gaining a detailed understanding of ABWE’s global ministry
  • Understanding ABWE’s approach to evangelism and church planting
  • Equipping for raising financial support, if applicable
  • Exploring benefits, support requirements, and other services available to you as a missionary

Recognition Service

Each July after Missionary Orientation, our Recognition Service is the formal ceremony of induction for new appointees into the ABWE family. The Recognition Service is normally held at our annual Missionary Enrichment (ME) Conference, which is also stongly suggested for all new missionaries within their first year of appointment.

Missionary Appointment Committee Interviews

Toward the middle of Missionary Orientation, applicants undergo their final interview before a committee composed of Senior Leadership Team members and Executive Directors. The committee interview consists of the applicant’s testimony, followed by questions. After the interview, the committee votes regarding acceptance and appointment to the chosen field of service.

Housing & Meals

Hotel accommodations are provided by ABWE at no cost to the applicant. Most lunches and some dinners are provided at the ABWE headquarters, prepared by our on-site chef. Applicants are the guests of ABWE with no financial responsibility for room, board, and training. Travel expenses to and from Harrisburg, PA are the applicant’s responsibility.


ABWE strives to embody a biblical family atmosphere at its International Headquarters and on all of its fields. We at ABWE love families and children! We will do everything possible to reasonably accommodate your kids during this exciting transition in life.

An Orientation program for children and teens will coincide with the summer Orientation events in July. We encourage families with children 5 years and older to pursue the summer Orientation.

For families with children 4 years of age and under, our on-site nursery facilities are available at no charge to parents, or parents may elect to bring a family member or other caregiver to assist them during the week. For more information, email us.

Attendee Information

For more information regarding Missionary Orientation, contact Mobilization at 877.636.5478 or mobilization@abwe.org.