Moving Beyond Lecture

When: Every October
Who: Everyone

Become a Creative Facilitator of Interactive Training

Are you frustrated with the lack of audience involvement in your presentations? Are you desperately in need to stop or minimize lecturing but are not sure what to do differently? Are you longing for a process to help you design and deliver memorable presentations and training sessions? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this seminar is for you!

In This Seminar You Will…

  • Practice your new-found skills in a safe environment with feedback designed to accelerate application of what you learn.
  • Observe the seminar facilitators model many engaging instructional methods and educational best practices in a fast-paced, highly interactive learning environment.
  • Receive a copy of the Moving Beyond Lecture student workbook and the Moving Beyond Lecture Training Wheels trainer’s guide for leading a Moving Beyond Lecture seminar in your ministry.
  • Become certified to lead a Moving Beyond Lecture seminar in your ministry!

Discover a six-step process for designing presentations and training sessions that consistently engage participants.

  1. Mind Map – Learn a quick and easy visual method for determining the content needed for your training/teaching sessions.
  2. Define Objectives – Decide what you want participants to know, be able to do, and to feel, as a result of your training/teaching.
  3. Prioritize Content – Differentiate between the content that participants really “need to know” and that which is only “nice to know.” Also, determine what content you should tell them “where to go” to find, if needed.
  4. Outline Content – Based upon the visual “mind map,” organize the teaching content into an outline form.
  5. Chunk Content – Based upon the outline, organize the teaching content into CPR “chunks” (bite-size segments) that can be taught in about 20 minutes. Each chunk includes some (1) new content and time to (2) process that content. A (3) review activity should occur after two or three chunks (40-60 minutes period).
  6. Insert Activities – Explore 37 alternatives to lecture that will add options to your presentational toolkit.