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The Spiritual Need in Cameroon

Located on Africa’s west coast, Cameroon has great diversity of terrain, climate, culture, people groups, and languages. More than 250 people groups and 200 different linguistic groups are represented in the country, with French and English being the country’s official languages. Cameroon is often referred to as “Africa in miniature” for its geological and cultural diversity. It has a rapidly growing population of more than 21 million, with 60% of its people under the age of 25. Major religions include Christianity, professed by about half the population, Islam, and ethnic religions primarily based in animism.

Animistic beliefs, including spirit and ancestor worship, witchcraft, and traditional medicine, are deeply engrained in Cameroon’s culture and have been intermingled with the practice of other religions. In order to teach the gospel and share the love of the one true God, they need discipleship and support in church planting missions in Cameroon, pastoral training, and leadership development.

Church Planting Missions In Cameroon

While ABWE does not currently have a team in Cameroon, this mission field is full of opportunities and its people are very much in need of sound biblical teaching. Cameroon can be a challenging place to serve, with so much diversity and varied cultural dynamics—but a creative and entrepreneurial person who enjoys building relationships and strong communities of faith will see God at work in this nation.

Is God leading you to share the gospel in Cameroon?

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